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Comedy Bra
Comedy Bra


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20th Century Silks
Classic Silk Effect: Performer ties two silks together, vanishes a third silk and it appears tied between the two fisrt silks. Quality China silks and instructions.
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Comedy Boxer Shorts, pro model
You display two large silks and tie them together by their corners. To free your hands, you tuck the ends under the edge of your trousers …. or a spectator's trousers.
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Comedy Panty
You display two silks and tie them together by their corners. The silks are kept by a female spectator who holds them against here hip, or the ends are tucked into her trousers.
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Silk to Panty
You vanish a silk in your fist, but when you are about to repeat the trick something goes wrong, the silk wont go! You unfold the silk which is now transformed into a pair of panties (knickers to...
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Silky Surprise
You show a silk square (12x12 inces or 300x300 mm) and vanish it in your fist. You produce it from your pocket and show it to be the same silk square. You offer to repeat the trick but it does not...
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