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Okito Glass Plus
Okito Glass Plus


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Always Full Glass
This glass contains a clever gimmick enabling you to show the glass full or empty at any time. You can fill it with milk or a coloured beverage such as orange juice, red wine, coke etc.
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Bottomless Glass
Made from our Classic Line Glass.
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Half Bottom Glass
The regular Bottomless Glass dates back to a few centuries, and this is a slightly more sophisticated version, that permits you to "prove it is a regular glass" by some subtle handling.
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Hydrostatic Glass
You fill up a glass with water, cover it with a piece of paper, turn the whole thing upside down, let go with your hand and the paper and the water stays! Thats physics!
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Milk Glass
A full size plastic glass with a gimmick, which enables you to pretend to pour a full glass of milk (or other beverage) into a paper cone, a spectators pocket, your fist etc. The milk vanishes!
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Mirror Glass
This is a nicely made glass made from unbreakable plastic. The gimmick (a mirror) enables you to do everything you could do with a change bag, provided it fits inside the glass.
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