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Magic › Magic › Close Up Magic › Classics › Chop Cup Aluminium
Chop Cup Aluminium
Chop Cup Aluminium


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Chop Cup Copper
This is a professional Chop Cup made from seamless spun copper for the close-up magician. The Chop Cup allows you to perform many Cups and Balls type routines, using a single cup, where balls...
$44 Buy
Chop Cup Mini Baseball (2)
Set of handmade, unique chopcup balls.Each set consists of two 1 inch baseballs, one featured with a magnet. White leather with red stitching.
$47 Buy
Chop Cup Wood
"This is a Chop Cup in turned hard wood, polished and lacquered, and a very attractive ""collector's quality"" prop. The all wood construction eliminates suspicion of any gimmicking.
$45 Buy
Chop Cup,  jumbo balls
These balls are great for Cups and Balls and Chop Cup routines, and other ball effects as well, like "Two in the Hand One in the pocket". They are sponge Balls, with a crocheted covering that makes...
$15 Buy

Chop Cup, alu wide
The Chop Cup allows you to perform many routines where balls penetrate, appear under, or vanish from a cup. The wide model permits production of larger "climax" loads, - up to 2.5" in diameter.
$55 Buy

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