In the beginning of 2002, after more than 20 years as a magic dealer serving the Scandinavian market, we started a wholesale venture.
Our objective is to provide fast selling quality magic at prices allowing the magic dealers a higher than average profit margin.

Many of the items we offer are of our own make. In 2003 we purchased the production tools for the famous products from legendary Leo Topps Magic Industry in Denmark. In 2009 we purchased the rights to the El Duco Collection and the same year we were appointed worldwide distributors of Anglo Cards for Magic (see )

We will supply the goods from our stock in Sweden and it will reach you within a few days from order. When you buy from overseas, shipping usually adds 30-60% to the price of the goods. Shipping within Europe is just a fraction of what you pay from USA or Asia. When you compare our prices, please compare the final price including shipping! We offer free shipping on orders over 1000 EUR and on orders of lower value we offer a flat shipping rate per carton up to 33 kgs. Please enquire for your country's shipping rate.

In order to visit this site with wholesale prices shown, we need to register you as a wholesale customer and you need to login. If you visit the site without log in you can view the prices for retail customers. Please fill in the form below and we will send more information to you.

Looking forward to serving you!

Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB

Gay and Birgitta Ljungberg

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Hydrostatic Glass
Hydrostatic Glass
You fill up a glass with water, cover it with a piece of paper, turn the whole thing upside down, let go with your hand and the paper and the water stays! Thats physics!
Half Dyed Sucker Silk
Half Dyed Sucker Silk
This wonderful effect is closely associated with Billy McComb. A red silk is changed into a yellow silk as per the description above. Performer explains how it is done, but the more he explains the...
Champagne Production
Champagne Production
This is a marvellous bottle production! You show three differently coloured silks, one at a time by throwing them up in the air. Then you produce a champagne bottle from them. No body loads.
Crocodile Coin Vanisher
Crocodile Coin Vanisher
This is a little pull that helps you vanish a coin. Borrow a coin and let it vanish in your hand!
Coin Dumper
Coin Dumper
With this mechanical holder pinned under your coat you can any time during your act secretly steal and produce about a dozen coins (in one big load). Holds any size coin.
E37 - Smart E-handel