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This is a special lecture DVD from one of the best close up magicians, from Yoo Hyun Min (ZEKI YOO), from South Korea, who has just done a great lecture in Blackpool Convention.

With this DVD, you will learn not only diverse close-up techniques, visual effects, and tricks which you can use your close-up magic, but also making gimmick, performance know-how in practice and his thoughts to show magic more effectively.

He won 3rd place in card magic category at Latest FISM.

Here is the contents
・Metamorphosis 1, 2
・One Coin Routine
・Side Steal Palm
・Final Reversal
・Clip Monte Climax
・Star Opener

2006: Busan International Magic Festival Close-up 1st Prize

2008: World Magic Seminar ASIA (UGM) Close-up 1st Prize

2009: International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Close-up 1 st Prize

2011: FISM Asia in Hong Kong Close-up Grand-Prix

2012 Feb: Blackpool Magic Convention Lecture Show

2012 Jul: FISM in Blackpool : 3rd Prize in Card Magic Category


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