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Fournier Poker 2500, plastic, blue

Fournier of Spain supplies playing cards to leading European casinos and now their exquisite 100% plastic playing cards are available to home players. Model No. 2500 is a poker-size, 4 standard index deck with a mesmerizing back design in red - great for Texas Hold'em. In the European style, these cards feature an index in each corner of the card. This deck is packaged in a cardboard tuckbox with the new holographic security seal. Each deck is made from the same proprietary materials and undergoes the same rigorous quality control procedures as those used for high-end casino customers. Each deck includes 52 cards, two jokers, and a courtesy card. Made in Spain, these cards are top of the line and will impress serious card players.

Fournier’s reputation is based on the quality, durability, and reliability of the playing cards they produce. Numerous rigorous quality control measures ensure that each deck meets the high standards required by top gaming establishments and card playing enthusiasts alike.

Each deck is produced with the following security features:

  • Holographic foil seal on box – Resists tampering and guarantees authentic Fournier quality
  • Mesmerizing red back design – The bright red design on the back is perfect for games like Texas Hold ‘em   
  • Proprietary materials – 100% plastic card composition ensures that cards are free from the variation inherent in natural materials  
  • Camera red cards – Security red ink is visible to special cameras, but not to players

Your new cards will also come in a cardboard tuckbox for convenient storage and transport.

* 100% plastic playing cards
* Poker size (wide) cards (2.5 by 3.5 inches)
* Standard (small) indexes in the corners
* Camera red for security
* Blue back color


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