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Hot Money

It's time to pay the bill. You take out your wallet and open it.
Wow! Suddenly big fire flames come out of the wallet and chock the people around you.
Close the wallet again. The flames go out and finally you produce the requested money or your credit card to pay the bill.
El Duco's Hot Money is an important improvement of the Hot Wallets on the market today!
The wallet itself is very thin and specially made for this effect by a Swedish craftsman in exclusive calf leather! It's not a hip wallet, but a beautiful full size wallet (90 x 160mm).
There are pockets for bills, credit cards, business cards - anything you need. The brass corners gives the wallet an extra exclusive touch.
The burning section is protected by metal plates to save the leather.
There are DOUBLE flames, one at each side of the wallet!!

The most important thing, the ignition system is 100%!!! ONE single move and the fire is on!
Of course this wallet has the same high quality as our other leather products. On top of that it is reasonable priced.




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