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Chop Cup,  jumbo balls

These balls are great for Cups and Balls and Chop Cup routines, and other ball effects as well, like "Two in the Hand One in the pocket". They are sponge Balls, with a crocheted covering that makes them look like solid crocheted balls. Yet you can squeeze them to occupy a fraction of the original volume. And they spring back to size, like sponge balls. They are silent, and easy to conceal in any sort of palm. They make a big and colorful display. And they are easy to handle, easier than the normal balls in C&B outfits. The balls are large: 2" size, (pictured above) in Red-Yellow-Blue and perfect for Chop Cup routines with 1 magnetic and one non magnetic ball. The magnetic ball has 2 magnets embedded, (with different polarity), so you can be sure it will work with any magnetic Chop Cup.


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