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Spectacle Plus

This is one of the most amazing of card tricks to come out in a long, long time. Even when you perform it you will be baffled by this mystery. In effect the performer displays four cards, two red and two black. The cards are riveted together at one corner, making is physically impossible to remove any card from the fan, without tearing it. The cards are in alternating order, red - black - red - black. After displaying the cards freely on both sides, the performer closes the fan and opens it again. The cards are found to have magically re-arranged themselves, with the two red cards together, and the two black cards together. An absolutely incredible effect, and you can immediately hand over the cards for examination, the spectator cannot reverse the cards. There are no double ended cards or trick cards. The rivet is a solid metal rivet, going through all the cards. Spectacle Plus is an absolute miracle, worth ten times the very modest price we charge for it. You can of course re-set the cards in an instant when you know the clever secret, toperform the effect as often as you like.


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