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Homing Card, Anglo Giant

The Homing Card is an entertaining and amazing routine where the playing cards causes trouble for the magician.

  • The nagician states that he will do a brand new trik with four red cards
  • Unfortunately he notes that he has four red cards and one black
  • He puts away the black card, but finds again that he has a black card among the red ones
  • This is repeated several times and every time he elliminates the only black card and every time it returns which makes him more and more frustrated.
  • Finally there is only one red card .... which, of course turns into a black card!

Frederick Braue invented the effect The Homing Card. Fred Kaps (1926-1980) won FISM Grand Prix World Champion on three occasions (1950, 1955 , 1961).1964 he appeared in the Ed Sullivan Show and performed his fantastic version of Frederick Braue's Homing Card. Since then, many magicians have experimented with the effect. Among others Billy McComb, Aldo Colombini, Antonio Ferragut Hurtado, Trevor Levis, Jim Krenz och Bob Sheets have published there versions of the Homing Card. This DVD is based on the work of all these creative magicians.

Comes complete with 6 Anglo Giant Cards and a step-by-step instructional DVD, which teaches you the fine details around this classic of magic.

The Anglo Giant Cards measure 9 cm x 12.75 cm and has jumbo indices which makes them visible even from a distance.


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