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Magic › Magic › Magic with ... › ... rope › Rope 90 mm, allround 50 m
Rope 90 mm, allround 50 m
Rope 90 mm, allround 50 m


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Rope 20 mm loose 25 m
Acrylic white magic rope. Diameter 20 mm, this is our thickest rope. It is visible on the largest stage, but still very easy to cut.
Roll of 25 metres.
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Rope 9 mm, allround 10 m
We have commissioned a rope manufacturer to produce a allround magic rope in polyester, bleached (= white), 9 mm diamater, no core. Full-bodied but still very easy to cut.
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Tarbell Rope Gimmick
A screw type of gimmick to fix inside a rope. A quarter of a turn locks or releases the screw. Use it for 'Cut & Restored Rope' 'Travelling Knot' and other effects.
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