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The Business, Sanderson


It's a Steal! and The 3 way cut!.........A great flashy opener. A card is peeked at.....BOOM!, it appears at your fingertips. A Stunning hit them hard instant production.

Boxing...........One of Martin's highly commercial prized routines! A prediction is written on a playing card box, it is seen to be different from the one that was selected....With NO MOVES the prediction transforms into the correctly selected card. It's squeaky clean and a real world routine. This will fry them!

Simplex Signed Aces to pocket..........They vanish from the deck......One ace appears in your right trouser pocket, another in your left trouser pocket.....the remaining aces appear in your back pants pocket and the spectators can even take them out for themselves! Ooh la laa!

The Impromptu Chop Cup..........As strong as Mr Incredible!.......Get ready to learn this guaranteed future classic!

Simplex Signed Card in Sealed Envelope..............GET READY - and I mean READY!!!! The title says it all, but check out the incredible method that Martin uses. This is a sensational solution for this incredible effect.

Ring in Sealed Envelope............A super easy to do but seriously strong effect that most importantly gets YOUR business card into their hands.

Trade Show SF7..............This is the ONLY effect when pitching for a trade show. This is a SERIOUS money making and deal clinching trick. The ultimate in thinking outside the box.

Corporate Funnies (Squeak and Protective Cover)


The truth is out there and Martin's solutions will amaze you astound you. Here you will learn how to be a much more dynamic performer. How to get the initial phone call. What to say and when to say it. Treating magic as a business. Making serious money and reaching heights that you never thought possible.

It does not matter what kind of magic you do. This DVD is a massive step in the direction of making serious money.

If you are in involved in any kind of magic then this is for you.

Even if you are a seasoned performer or a beginner who is scared at the thought of approaching a table, here are some great solutions.

  • Table approach and Table management.
  • Solutions for successfully approaching a table.
  • How to get the attention of EVERYONE within a few seconds.
  • Eye contact. Playing it big. Amplifying your effects.
  • Reception approach and management.
  • Working receptions at cocktail parties.
  • Performing at the correct time.
  • When not to perform.
  • How to approach a group.
  • Make or break methods that really work.

Get ready for some pure gold. You WILL seriously increase your income by applying this simple and sure fire technique.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 54min

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