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After more than two years of research and development El Duco and his engineer were proud to present a NEW REEL to the magic market. We are convinced that this is the BEST REEL ON THE MARKET TODAY. Here is why:

This is made from solid steel. The weight makes it feel good to handle and palm in your hand. The size is 40 mm ( 1.5”) and the thickness is 8 mm (0.3”).

This is placed in the center. Just pull out the thread, press the locking lever and the reel is locked. When you stretch the thread you release the lock and the thread goes back in.

This is an entire NEW technique to apply the brake. A light pressure with your finger tip on the brake lever controls the speed of the thread. Also, when you control the brake your other fingers and thumb are free to do their own magic.

Broken thread is the most common problem in reels today. To eliminate this we have improved some details. The thread is made from extra strong nylon. The length of the thread is 1250 mm (50 inches). There is a special guide made from nylon at the brake lever to protect the thread. The thread opening to the reel case is placed at a perfect angle - NOT in the center of the case - again in order to save the thread.

This is the heart of the reel. How we have made it and how it works is a well hidden secret. The result is there is NO risk that the thread toggle inside the case. Compared to other reels the spring works very smoothly and silent. The noise is absolutely minimal.

There are a lot of ideas out there, but to give you a good start we include a booklet with some classic reel effects, an 18 inch silk and a 5” chrome plated steel ring. This is a FIRST QUALITY PRODUCT with ONE YEAR GUARANTEE.




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