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A spectator has a free choice of a card from a shuffled deck. He signs the card and puts it back into the deck. You take an ordinary note pad and explain that you will try to draw a picture of his card. The spectator is holding the deck and is asked to concentrate on the card.
With a Magic Marker you draw a card on the pad, let's say the Three of Spades. "Wrong", the spectator replies. "Wait a minute" - this is not your card. It's the bottom card in the deck. "Look for yourself!". He looks at the bottom card. It is the Three of Spades. "Your card is somewhere in the deck, so I will draw the whole deck", you continue. Finish the drawing and show a complete deck. You now ask the spectator to concentrate on his card. Slowly a real card rises out of the cartoon deck on the pad!

The card has its back towards the audience. "You concentrate too hard. The card has turned over." For the first time you ask the spectator to name his card. "The Ace of Diamonds", he tells you.
Slowly you turn the card around to face the audience. It's the Ace of Diamonds, with his signature on it!!
Give him the card as a souvenir, close the pad and take a bow.

If you prefer, A DRAWN CARD with the same value as the chosen could rise from the deck. In this case you may tear off the page and give the drawing to the spectator as a souvenir instead.

No palming.
You really draw the deck on the pad.
No printed pages.
No refills.
The note pad (230 x 160mm) is ideal for close up and platform.




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Vad är det man får när man köper denna produkt?
Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB svarar:
Det specialbyggda ritblocket och engelsk instruktion.
Får man med beskrivning?
Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB svarar:
Ja (på engelska)
har ni kvar den "riktiga" med refills?
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Kan man köra det i returang med folk framför och bakom?
Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB svarar:
Inte bakom...
Tricket fungerar alltså hur många gånger som helst? du behöver inte köpa refiller?
Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB svarar:
ja, så är det.

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