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Pick up your business card case. Open it and take out a card. Unfortunately you discover that the card is BLANK on BOTH sides (and it really is!) You take another one - the same thing. BLANK! Put the cards into the open case where they are VISIBLE all the time.
I will use my pen instead! The spectator expects you to write your name on the card. Instead you take the BLANK card and put it under the clip of your pen. Move the pen over the card like a scanner.

Turn the card over and show that it is NOW COMPLETELY PRINTED with your name and address!!! Hand over the card to the spectator. He will never forget you!

Let me give you some examples: Use it in any Add-a-Number- effect to match your prediction. Or place a jumbo card face down and let the spectator chose any card from a deck (no force). Have him or her to sign the back of the card and hold the case with the signed card in it. Turn over the Jumbo card which MATCHES THE SIGNED CARD!!

Your own creativity is the limit!
Let a chosen card end up in the empty case! Or let a spectator sign a bill and put it into the card holder. It vanishes and appears in a lemon! Use it to vanish or switch a coin.

The natural handling of the case is enough to perform the miracles!
The UNIVERSAL CARD HOLDER looks and works as an ordinary business card holdere. No complicated moves. No Himber wallet or double folding case. No paddle move. Easy to perform.

What you get:
A hand made ultra thin card holder in black leather. Size: 65 x 105 mm (4 x 2,5 inches). A photoillustrated instruction with three different routines. Use your own business cards.




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