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We have combined two great El Duco Wallets, to make a Super Wallet. Many of us do both Stand Up Shows and Table Hopping. This wallet is designed to be used under all type of conditions:

  • If you do a stage show you use the ingenious, bold and simple Signed Card to Sealed Envelope in Wallet in Zipper Compartment principle in this smart version of the LePaul/Seabrooke Wallet.
  • If you do walk-around-magic or table hopping, the setup with the envelope might be too tedious. Then you can use the Signed Card to Wallet in Zippered Compartment option instead, because this wallet is also a Kaps Wallet, with our own very special "invisible" gimmick. When you use the latter option there is no setup at all.

A freely chosen card is signed and replaced in the deck which is shuffled. You try to name the card and mention different ones - but they are all wrong.
Finally you ask for a last chance as you place your wallet on the table. If i miss this time, the content of my wallet is yours!.

But you fail again! Now you seem disturbed. Before I give you the content of my wallet, you must tell me the name of your card and show it to me, you - the magician - declare in dispair. The spectator goes through the deck only to find that the chosen card has vanished!

Unfold your wallet. Then open the zippered compartment. From inside the compartment you take out a sealed envelope. Show it on both sides and then tear it open. Let the spectator remove HIS OWN SIGNED CARD from the envelope!!!

Some facts about the specially hand made leather wallet:
  • The loading of the card into the envelope is a pleasure thanks to a new built in easy to load gimmick.
  • The wallet looks like an ordinary wallet. It is NOT a bulky, zippered case.
  • This wallet is made by a Swedish craftsman from the finest calf skin, which is brushed to get a soft touch and feeling, which you like so much when you work with it.
  • Size: 100 x 165 mm (4" x 6,5").
  • There are two "invisible" gimmicks, built into the natural properties of the wallet; one for the Card in Envelope in Wallet effect and another gimmick used for the Card to Walllet effect.

Comes complete with wallet, photo illustrated instructions and a few envelopes.




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