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Artikelnummer: 3291
We have made a PLUS version of the classical El Duco Add-a-Number Pad! You can still do all the things you can do with the standard Add-a-Number Pad ... PLUS ...
Add-a-Number Note Book PLUS
Artikelnummer: 2736
This effect will baffle your audience! During your performance you take a match out of your match box to light a candle or a cigarette. However, the match won't catch fire.
Auto Match-ic
Artikelnummer: 2737
With this Magic Wand you can make a BIG BANG!. Swing the wand and "BANG"!. The wand has a double load so you can repeat your "BANG" if you want. This is good if you want to release your sound...
Bang Wand, El Duco
Artikelnummer: 2747
How can I convince you that this is the best Ring and Rope Routine ever created? Maybe you must see it performed? Everybody who have seen it it hastwo words on their lips: "IMPOSSIBLE, AMAZING!
Close Up Ring & Rope Routine
Artikelnummer: 2767
The Fork & Spoon Mystery is the perfect routine for your table hopping act, but you can also do it stand up with no use of any table. From your pocket you take out a cloth napkin wrapped around...
Fork & Spoon Mystery
Artikelnummer: 2762
It's time to pay the bill. You take out your wallet and open it.Wow! Suddenly big fire flames come out of the wallet and chock the people around you.Close the wallet again.
Hot Money
Artikelnummer: 2763
A lady is asked to select one of the men as her "Secret Lover". When you turn over the selected card the man has left a message on the card. It says: "KISS ME!
Kiss Me
Artikelnummer: 2768
A spectator has a free choice of a card from a shuffled deck. He signs the card and puts it back into the deck. You take an ordinary note pad and explain that you will try to draw a picture of his...
Magic Card Pad
Artikelnummer: 2774
Inspired by Al Koran's Medallion effect we have created the following: Imagine that you are checking in at the small Hotel of Magic. You get your key but it has no number on it.
Personal Key
Artikelnummer: 2778
Ring In Salt is a classic El Duco effect! This is a stage or close-up effect which creates sensation everywhere. Show a piece of rope and let a spectator thread his or her finger ring on the rope.
Ring in Salt
Artikelnummer: 2825
This is a beautiful effect for both parlour and close-up. You introduce a ”tunnel” or small cabinet, wide open on both sides so you can see right through it. It’s empty.
Silk Tunnel, El Duco
Artikelnummer: 2785
You borrow a wedding ring from a spectator. A piece of rope is drawn through the ring, which you place in your hand. The spectator ties a knot, securing the ring inside your fist.
Wedding Bell
Artikelnummer: 2787
Show your hands empty. Pick up one BLACK silk in your left hand and a WHITE in your right hand. Put the silks together and twist them between your hands. Fold the silks in one hand.
Zebra Silk, El Duco

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Coin Hank Plus+
Coin Hank Plus+
Coin Vanishing Hank tagen ett par steg längre! The Coin Production Hank är en originaleffekt av Magician Goutam Guha och den har funnits på marknaden i mer än tjugo år.
Himber Wallet, locking
Himber Wallet, locking
This HIMBER WALLET is made from thin and soft calf leather. The surface is brushed to get a soft nice feeling when you handle the wallet. The size is 16 x 10,5 cm (6 3/8 x 4 inches).
Nested Wands
Nested Wands
Vi har nyproducerat våra Nested Wands i världens högsta kvalitet! Solida silverändar! Detta är det i särklass bästa trollstavstricket! Du använder det tillsammans med något annat trick där du...
Vic Jahn's Thimble Routine
Vic Jahn's Thimble Routine
Våra fingerborgar är marknadens bästa. Specialdesignade av Vic Jahn (FISM Grand Prix 1949) för manipulation, dvs stora och dekorativa, lätta att palmera, stacka och producera.
Hydrostatic Glass
Hydrostatic Glass
Du fyller ett glas med vatten, täcker över mynningen med ett papper, vänder uppoch ner på glaset och såväl papper som vatten stannar kvar. Så långt är det fysik ...
E37 - Smart E-handel