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Artikelnummer: 3397
Allround acrylic rope. No core = suitable for magnets, gimmicks etc. Very easy to cut. 10 mm diameter. Roll with 40 metres.
Rope 10 mm, allround 40 m
Artikelnummer: 3399
Acrylic white magic rope. Diameter 20 mm, this is our thickest rope. It is visible on the largest stage, but still very easy to cut.
Roll of 25 metres.
Rope 20 mm loose 25 m
Artikelnummer: 2810
Magicians Rope. Cotton. Blue. 10 m
Rope Cotton, blue 10 m
Artikelnummer: 2812
Magicians Rope. Cotton. Red. 10 m
Rope Cotton, red 10 m
Artikelnummer: 2806
Magicians Rope. Cotton. White (off-white natural look). 10 m
Rope Cotton, white 10 m
Artikelnummer: 2808
Magicians Rope. Cotton. Yellow. 10 m
Rope Cotton, yellow 10 m
Artikelnummer: 2211
A special pair of magnets for rope tricks that permit you to perform Cut & Restored and other incredible rope tricks. These are high power Neodymium magnets (the strongest for their size), in a...
Rope Magnets Super (pair)
Artikelnummer: 1304
A screw type of gimmick to fix inside a rope. A quarter of a turn locks or releases the screw. Use it for 'Cut & Restored Rope' 'Travelling Knot' and other effects.
Tarbell Rope Gimmick

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