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Artikelnummer: 1204
Appearing 8 Foot Wand
Artikelnummer: 1364
You hand your magic wand to your little helper. Then it BANGS and you get really scared! When the helper look into the wand for the works he finds nothing, because you have retained the gimmick...
Bang Wand
Artikelnummer: 2160
A black magic wand with silver ends, permanently bent in 90 degrees. Use it as a boomerang!
Boomerang Wand
Artikelnummer: 1262
The number one comedy wand of them all! You hold the wand and it is perfectly normal. Hand it to your helper and it breaks into pieces on a string. Repeat it as long as you dare. Very funny!
Break Away Wand
Artikelnummer: 1271
A red magic wand with brass ends. In your hand it changes to an ordinary black magic wand, still with golden brass ends. Can be repeated. Can be colour changing either way. Metal wand. Very well made.
Colour Ch Wand
Artikelnummer: 1452
Blackplastic Magic Wand with silver ends, permanently bent in two places.
Crooked Wand
Artikelnummer: 1365
You hand your magic wand to your little helper, but you still have one in your hand. You say: "En Garde!" and start fencing with him! When ge gets the knack of it you surrender (before he injures...
Double Trouble Bang Wand
Artikelnummer: 2321
The magician pretends to grab something from the air and a full size magic wand is seen at his fingertips. This effect is exactly as described. We have offered various models of this item in the...
Magic Wand from Air
Artikelnummer: 2719
Magic Wand, turned from hard wood. Brass ends.28 cm.
Magic Wand, 28 cm wood
Artikelnummer: 2718
Magic Wand, turned from hard wood. Brass ends. 35 cm.
Magic Wand, 35 cm wood
Artikelnummer: 1292
Black magic wand with brass ends. metal. Light weight.
Magic Wand, metal
Artikelnummer: 2061
36 mini mgic wands. Great promotion give away!
Magic Wand, mini (36)
Artikelnummer: 2402
Magic Wand, plastic, black with white ends, 33 cm long
Magic Wand, plastic lg
Artikelnummer: 1293
Black magic wand with white ends. Plastic. Small. 12 pcs
Magic Wand, sm plastic 12 pcs
Artikelnummer: 1363
This is the best set of Nested Wands on the market! 6 wands in the set. The first is large and then they get smaller and smaller, keeping the same proportions between length and width.
Nested Wands
Artikelnummer: 1060
Rising Magic Wand is a familiar effect to many magicians. Silver Scepter is an improved version of the same effect and the creation of George Blake, and comes with a wonderful routine by the creator.
Silver Sceptre
Artikelnummer: 2247
A funny Comedy Wand made from black spring steel and white ends. The Magic Wand wiggles and sways in a very funny way in the spectators or your own hand. Funny gag, high quality product.
Spring Wand
Artikelnummer: 1830
The Twinkling Magic Wand is a regular size magic wand, (11.5" long and 0.5" diameter) made of metal, powder coated in black, with gold tips. And one end of it twinkles, with a glow in alternating...
Twinkling Magic Wand
Artikelnummer: 2329
The Magic Wand is part of any magician's repertoire, and we have all used black wands with white tips for centuries. Not so the real wizards and magicians of the past (or present), and with the...
Wizard Magic Wand

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Himber Wallet, locking
Himber Wallet, locking
This HIMBER WALLET is made from thin and soft calf leather. The surface is brushed to get a soft nice feeling when you handle the wallet. The size is 16 x 10,5 cm (6 3/8 x 4 inches).
Audience Management
Audience Management
In this book Gay Ljungberg shares his performing experience with the reader and reveals a treasure of valuable secrets about the psychology and the techniques he uses.
Half Dyed Sucker Silk
Half Dyed Sucker Silk
This wonderful effect is closely associated with Billy McComb. A red silk is changed into a yellow silk in your hand. Performer explains how it is done, but the more he explains the less the...
Champagne Production
Champagne Production
This is a marvellous bottle production! You show three differently coloured silks, one at a time by throwing them up in the air. Then you produce a champagne bottle from them. No body loads.
Flash 500 kr
Flash 500 kr
25 Flash Bank Notes - 500 SEK (Swedish Currency). Printed only on one side and smaller in size to comply with Swedish law. Fold it twice and it looks just like a genuine banknote folded three times.
E37 - Smart E-handel