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Artikelnummer: 1123
Classic Silk Effect: Performer ties two silks together, vanishes a third silk and it appears tied between the two fisrt silks. Quality China silks and instructions.
20th Century Silks
Artikelnummer: 2159
A small black cloth bag. You place silks, cards, sponge balls or other small items into the bag and finally transform the little black bag into a lareg colourful foulard.
Bag to Silk
Artikelnummer: 1428
Three 12 inch silks in different colors are pushed in a tube of cardboard. Silks come out tied together! The silks are wound around the hand and it becomes one tri-colored 18 inch silk.
Blendo Plus
Artikelnummer: 2217
Brittish flag (appr. 300x200 mm) + Thumb Tip. Alternative to the vanishing and appearing silk.
British Flag + Thumb Tip
Artikelnummer: 1117
A very good, easy, quick and highly visible effect where a black silk streamer shown freely all around and waved in the air changes into a multicolour streamer (as if stealing the colours from a...
Chamelon Silk Scarf
Artikelnummer: 1118
You display two silks, red and green, tied to each other by the corners. You gently strike them with your hand and they change colour yellow and blue. can be reversed.
Col Ch Silks
Artikelnummer: 2711
You display two large silks and tie them together by their corners. To free your hands, you tuck the ends under the edge of your trousers …. or a spectator's trousers.
Comedy Boxer Shorts, pro model
Artikelnummer: 1460
You display two silks and tie them together by their corners. The silks are kept by a female spectator who holds them against here chest, or the ends are tucked into her blouse.
Comedy Bra
Artikelnummer: 1461
You display two silks and tie them together by their corners. The silks are kept by a female spectator who holds them against here hip, or the ends are tucked into her trousers.
Comedy Panty
Artikelnummer: 2186
You shake a silk and produce a second silk, tied to the corner of the first silk. You unknot the silks and place away the first silk and then produce a third silk, tied to a corner of the second silk.
Dream Silk
Artikelnummer: 1023
This is an old classic, given a new attractive design by Tony Dunn (Art Director of Linking Ring Magazine). You produce a rabbit, at least that is what you say, but the audience notice that it is a...
Duck Rabbit Silk
Artikelnummer: 1810
Dye Tube - Soft plastic slightly conical flesh coloured Dye Tube, with a rim at one end. No divider.
Dye Tube dL
Artikelnummer: 1485
Dye Tube metal
Artikelnummer: 1484
Dye Tube -with divider hard plastic, flesh coloured Dye Tube with rims at both ands and a dividing disc inside.
Dye Tube plastic
Artikelnummer: 1811
Dye Tube -Giant black Dye Tube, the size of an egg. Can hold very large silks!
Dye Tube XL
Artikelnummer: 2914
A spectator selects a card from a deck. The performer says he has a silk with the replica of the selected card on it as a prediction. When he displays the silk it has several cards on it, which...
Flash Card Prediction Silk
Artikelnummer: 1533
The magician shows a metal tube, which can be seen right through, and opened in the middle and shown completely empty. Liquids can be poured into or out of this bottomless Tube, and items like...
Genii Tube
Artikelnummer: 1283
Large and beautiful stainless steel Ghost Tube, used to produce silks, streamers, bank notes etc. Very well made!
Ghost Tube, ss lg
Artikelnummer: 1107
This wonderful effect is closely associated with Billy McComb. A red silk is changed into a yellow silk in your hand. Performer explains how it is done, but the more he explains the less the...
Half Dyed Sucker Silk
Artikelnummer: 1119
Knot Off Silk
Artikelnummer: 1188
Purse Frame
Artikelnummer: 3466
Throughout the years top quality reels have been expensive and difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. Our own El Duco's Swedish Reel was considered the best in the world by many top professionals,...
Reel Ultimate, Tango
Artikelnummer: 2214
This is a large and novel Silk Flag Production by Patrick Page. A silk flag is vanished, and reappears in a previously shown empty, small purse. This flag is placed aside and the purse is once more...
Repeat Flag Production
Artikelnummer: 1668
We can also offer you a beautiful Ribbon Fountain to produce from any dove pan, even our smallest version. An endless stream of Silk Ribbon running from the pan and on to the floor.
Ribbon Fountain
Artikelnummer: 1058
You are wearing a beautiful rose in your jacket buttonhole and at a time when a silk is needed you pluck the flower and it instantly and vivibly transforms into a silk.
Rose to Silk
Artikelnummer: 1187
Sanada Gimmick
Artikelnummer: 1241
Silk Fountain
Artikelnummer: 1688
Silk Production
Artikelnummer: 1873
Silk Streamer, 14 cm x 6 m
Artikelnummer: 2244
Our largest Silk Streamer, 10 metres long and 30 cm wide in all the colours of the rainbow! A fabulous production! Highest quality pure silk.
Silk Streamer, 30 cm x 10 m
Artikelnummer: 1284
You vanish a silk in your fist, but when you are about to repeat the trick something goes wrong, the silk wont go! You unfold the silk which is now transformed into a pair of panties (knickers to...
Silk to Panty
Artikelnummer: 1871
You show a silk square (12x12 inces or 300x300 mm) and vanish it in your fist. You produce it from your pocket and show it to be the same silk square. You offer to repeat the trick but it does not...
Silky Surprise
Artikelnummer: 2315
The performer displays four different colored silks, bunched diagonally together, and counts them naming the four colors. He flicks the Silks, and they instantly transforms into a large Blendo,...
Square Blendo
Artikelnummer: 2216
Swedish flag (appr. 300x200 mm) + Thumb Tip. Alternative to the vanishing and appearing silk.
Swedish Flag + Thumb Tip
Artikelnummer: 1689
Beautiful rainbow silk streamer, 1 meter long. Fits inside a normal size Thump Tip.
Thumbtip Streamer
Artikelnummer: 2328
Performer displays a long rope. This is cut in half, and tied together to make a rope comprising of two smaller ropes tied together.The performer now passes his hands over the pair of ropes, and...
Twin Rope to Double Silk
Artikelnummer: 1070
Use this clever gimmick instead of a thumb tip. Vanish or produce a silk or a large load of salt etc. E.G. You poke a silk into your closed fist with the pen. Use the pen as a magic wand and when...
Utilty Pen Gimmick
Artikelnummer: 1385
With this fake microphone and the pull supplied, you can make a microphone vanish in your hand. Other routones: You tuck one or several silks into your fist, the next moment they are gone!
Vanishing Microphone
Artikelnummer: 2787
Show your hands empty. Pick up one BLACK silk in your left hand and a WHITE in your right hand. Put the silks together and twist them between your hands. Fold the silks in one hand.
Zebra Silk, El Duco

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Jet Cigarette
Jet Cigarette
You put this gimmick in an ordinary pack of cigarettes and just by squeezing the pack you make a cigarette fly half a yard up in the air! It looks nice when you catch it coming down!
Palming Coins Houdini (12)
Palming Coins Houdini (12)
If you want to perform close up Coin Magic, or stage coin effects like the Miser's Dream, you will find these coins great value. Specially made, with the picture of the famous Harry Houdini on one...
A clever gimmick, which enables you to float objects between your hands! Can even be performed impromptu with borrowed objects!E.G. a bottle, a glass, a cup, a ball.
Lighter to Matches
Lighter to Matches
A funny gag you can use whenever you want to light a cigarette, a torch, a candle, a Dove Pan, Flash String, Flash Paper or anything. You bring out your lighter but it doesn’t work.
E37 - Smart E-handel