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Artikelnummer: 1061
The performer displays six Fifty Dollar bills, - saying this is what he got paid for his last show. His wife believes in fifty-fifty, half of everything he has is hers!
6 Bill Repeat
Artikelnummer: 1374
You fill up a glass with beer or a soft drink from a bottle. You adjust your tie in a slightly absentminded way and do not realise that the glass remains suspended in mid air while you do it.
Airborne Drink, bottle model
Artikelnummer: 1373
You fill up a glass with beer or a soft drink from a can. You adjust your tie in a slightly absentminded way and do not realise that the glass remains suspended in mid air while you do it.
Airborne Drink, can model
Artikelnummer: 2704
You fill up a glass with a soft drink from a bottle. You adjust your tie in a slightly absentminded way and do not realise that the glass remains suspended in mid air while you do it.
Airborne Drink, PET bottle
Artikelnummer: 1375
This glass contains a clever gimmick enabling you to show the glass full or empty at any time. You can fill it with milk or a coloured beverage such as orange juice, red wine, coke etc.
Always Full Glass
Artikelnummer: 1487
Appearing 8 Foot Pole
Artikelnummer: 1204
Appearing 8 Foot Wand
Artikelnummer: 3226
This appearing broom is a great opener! Or use it for a clean closer! Broom expands to over 4 feet long!Note: Color of broom may vary.
Appearing Broom II
Artikelnummer: 3374
Auto Appearing Neck Tie
Artikelnummer: 2708
You play Beer Bingo with a spectator. You count the cards in the same way every time; one card to the bottom of the pack, one card in the hand, one card to the bottom of the pack, one card in the...
Beer Bingo
Artikelnummer: 2593
Beer Mug
Artikelnummer: 2911
Spoon and Key bending effects are very popular with magicians. This is another of those effects, but with the advantage that you can make the spoon bend and straighten as often as you want (like...
Bending Spoon, Repeat
Artikelnummer: 2902
Magician invites a spectator to select a card from a pack of cards. Spectator retains his selected card with him. Then magician introduces a jumbo card fan containing seven cards .
Big Surprise
Artikelnummer: 3423
One of the strongest effects that you can perform for an audience is the production of an impossible object.When that object is a bowling ball, the instant impossibility is recognized immediately by...
Bowled Over
Artikelnummer: 2711
You display two large silks and tie them together by their corners. To free your hands, you tuck the ends under the edge of your trousers …. or a spectator's trousers.
Comedy Boxer Shorts, pro model
Artikelnummer: 1460
You display two silks and tie them together by their corners. The silks are kept by a female spectator who holds them against here chest, or the ends are tucked into her blouse.
Comedy Bra
Artikelnummer: 1273
A classic Comedy prop. Liquid can be made to pour out at will from an empty funnel. Have a small boy drink a glass full of water. Now ask him to pump his arms up and down, as you touch the funnel to...
Comedy Funnel
Artikelnummer: 1720
A comedy production of water from EG a spectators elbow. This is not the standard model. This funnel is specially constructed, the stem working as a tap: turn it clockwise and it opens,...
Comedy Funnel , Super
Artikelnummer: 3118
The performer steps up to the microphone to speak, but the mike stand is not in the mood! It sways, it tilts, it bobs and weaves like a boxer. It does anything but stand still.
Comedy Mic Stand
Artikelnummer: 1461
You display two silks and tie them together by their corners. The silks are kept by a female spectator who holds them against here hip, or the ends are tucked into her trousers.
Comedy Panty
Artikelnummer: 2707
The Drink-a-lot Beer Mug is a gimmicked Beer Mug which enables you to apparently drink large volumes of beer, but in reality you only drink a small amount. You can use it as a comedy bit where you...
Drink-A-Lot Beer Mug
Artikelnummer: 1023
This is an old classic, given a new attractive design by Tony Dunn (Art Director of Linking Ring Magazine). You produce a rabbit, at least that is what you say, but the audience notice that it is a...
Duck Rabbit Silk
Artikelnummer: 1024
The Educated Duck is a mechanical wooden duck, which picks out selected cards from a shuffled deck, placed in its feed box.. This is an excellent comedy prop, and to enhance the entertainment the...
Educated Duck
Artikelnummer: 3320
Fake Arm Cast, which you easily attach to your own arm. Looks like the real thing!
Fake Arm Cast
Artikelnummer: 1030
The performer produces a working table from thin air, or from behind a foulard etc. Or he has a small board in his hand, which instantly changes into a working table.
Flash Production Table
Artikelnummer: 2952
Finally back on the market after many years, and with a higher standard of quality control for ZZM's original line of products! These are NOT cheap Chinese replicas that will break and not last...
Funken Ring dL
Artikelnummer: 1529
A bag is shown inside and out, and then again and then again and then once more. Each time the bag is shown inside out the inside is a different colour and design.
Gag Bag
Artikelnummer: 1107
This wonderful effect is closely associated with Billy McComb. A red silk is changed into a yellow silk in your hand. Performer explains how it is done, but the more he explains the less the...
Half Dyed Sucker Silk
Artikelnummer: 2909
The children start clapping their hands and the “mercury” of the Klapp-O-Meter rises. When the sound of the applause decreases, so does the “mercury”. When the clapping reaches its climax, the...
Artikelnummer: 1041
This effect, known as "Water from India" is a funny running gag. You display a large aluminium vase and empty it to the last drop of water. A moment later you can pour water again ... and again ...
Lota Bowl, slim neck
Artikelnummer: 1295
The props you get in this outfit comprise of two net tubes, two parasols or umbrellas, (one normal, one mutilated), a parasol cover, matching silks and ribbons, and a variety of very colorful and...
Mismade Parasol Plus
Artikelnummer: 1759
The magician talks about the famous "Bottle and Glass" trick, showing two cylinders, one bottle and one glass. The bottle and the glass are covered with the cylinders and the Passe Passe Glass and...
Multipl Bottles
Artikelnummer: 3283
An empty glass and bottle are covered with two identical tubes. You snap you fingers and the bottle and glass have switched places!! You perform this amazing transposition until you "accidentally"...
Multipl Bottles Super dL
Artikelnummer: 1051
This is a Hip Flask Lota! A very nice stainless steel hip flask. You take the last shot, pouring the last drops out of the flask. A moment later you can pour the last drink again ... and again ...
One for the Road
Artikelnummer: 1758
The performer apparently shows two Cylinders, under one of which is a bottle, and under the other a glass. The magician makes a Magic pass, and the bottle and glass are found to have changed places,...
Passé, Passé Bottles
Artikelnummer: 1284
You vanish a silk in your fist, but when you are about to repeat the trick something goes wrong, the silk wont go! You unfold the silk which is now transformed into a pair of panties (knickers to...
Silk to Panty
Artikelnummer: 1871
You show a silk square (12x12 inces or 300x300 mm) and vanish it in your fist. You produce it from your pocket and show it to be the same silk square. You offer to repeat the trick but it does not...
Silky Surprise
Artikelnummer: 2480
These foam bananas will leave your audience roaring with laughter! Turn one banana to two bananas. A great finish for any sponge prop act, the foam banana is definitely a crowd-pleaser.
Sponge Bananas
Artikelnummer: 1244
The magician displays a piece of rope about 750 mm long. Rope is coiled over his hand to show it is just an ordinary rope. The magician now stretches the rope between his two hands, horizontally,...
Stiff Rope
Artikelnummer: 3241
This specially designed tongue looks incredibly realistic!Perform as comedy, bizarre, dangerous, or just to gross out your friends. You can: Pull it (7~9 inches long)! Stretch it (4~6 inches wide)!
The Tongue 2.0
Artikelnummer: 1379
This is Gay Ljungbergs routine for the Cut & Restored Neck Tie. You cut up a spectators tie and place the bits and pieces in the pint size glass. You ask the spectator to open a paper bag and pour...
Tie Break
Artikelnummer: 1385
With this fake microphone and the pull supplied, you can make a microphone vanish in your hand. Other routones: You tuck one or several silks into your fist, the next moment they are gone!
Vanishing Microphone

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Nested Wands
Nested Wands
This is the best set of Nested Wands on the market! 6 wands in the set. The first is large and then they get smaller and smaller, keeping the same proportions between length and width.
Coin Hank Plus+
Coin Hank Plus+
The Coin Production Hank is the original creation of Magician Goutam Guha and has been marketed for over twenty years. The original model comprised of two cotton handkerchiefs stitched together in a...
A clever gimmick, which enables you to float objects between your hands! Can even be performed impromptu with borrowed objects!E.G. a bottle, a glass, a cup, a ball.
3 Way Travelling Knot
3 Way Travelling Knot
A rope is cut at the middle and the two pieces are tied together with a knot. One end of the rope is tied to the microphone stand or a chair and the other end is held by a spectator.
Malini Egg Bag, black + dvd
Malini Egg Bag, black + dvd
One of the strongest routines in magic! Max Malini revolutionised the Egg Bag, which was described alreday in the 16th century, by scaling it down to a tiny, silky black bag.
E37 - Smart E-handel