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Artikelnummer: 1009
The performer offers to teach his audience how to vanish an Elephant! He displays a draped tray, a picture of an Elephant, and two boards to "cage" the elephant.
Backstage Vanishing Elephant
Artikelnummer: 1116
Bag to Cape
Artikelnummer: 3423
One of the strongest effects that you can perform for an audience is the production of an impossible object.When that object is a bowling ball, the instant impossibility is recognized immediately by...
Bowled Over
Artikelnummer: 1933
This classic prop can be used to obtain many comedy effects and gives the performer an item to use in an audience participation act. The performer produces a fan and proceeds to fan some item,...
Break Away Fan dL
Artikelnummer: 1610
3 ropes from a bar, a toy Magic Bunny is hanging from the left rope. When placed behind performers back the Magic Bunny jumps to the right rope, then to the left again.
Bunny Bar
Artikelnummer: 1740
Change Bag 1 hand zippered
Artikelnummer: 1267
Change Bag 3 way
Artikelnummer: 1741
Change Bag dL Jumbo
Artikelnummer: 1742
Change Bag SdL Golden
Artikelnummer: 2861
Christmas is the time when we visit our old parents, and other relatives, who long, long ago got tired of our attempts to impress on them by showing one million card tricks.
Christmas Cards
Artikelnummer: 1014
Credit for the basic effect goes to Milbourne Christopher whose Forgetful Freddie has become a classic effect with children entertainers, inspiring several models and clones.
Clown Who Lost his Head
Artikelnummer: 2711
You display two large silks and tie them together by their corners. To free your hands, you tuck the ends under the edge of your trousers …. or a spectator's trousers.
Comedy Boxer Shorts, pro model
Artikelnummer: 1273
A classic Comedy prop. Liquid can be made to pour out at will from an empty funnel. Have a small boy drink a glass full of water. Now ask him to pump his arms up and down, as you touch the funnel to...
Comedy Funnel
Artikelnummer: 1720
A comedy production of water from EG a spectators elbow. This is not the standard model. This funnel is specially constructed, the stem working as a tap: turn it clockwise and it opens,...
Comedy Funnel , Super
Artikelnummer: 2073
This is an excellent "bit of business" for use with any Magic coloring effect. The performer displays a box full of Multicolor Crayons. He flicks the box towards some prop, and all the crayons...
Crazy Crayons
Artikelnummer: 1256
An excellent routine for children's entertainers, conceived by Ian Adair, the props for this comprise of a cut out crown with a large jewel, and a safe. The crown is at first covered with a cloth or...
Crown Jewels, Adair
Artikelnummer: 1023
This is an old classic, given a new attractive design by Tony Dunn (Art Director of Linking Ring Magazine). You produce a rabbit, at least that is what you say, but the audience notice that it is a...
Duck Rabbit Silk
Artikelnummer: 1024
The Educated Duck is a mechanical wooden duck, which picks out selected cards from a shuffled deck, placed in its feed box.. This is an excellent comedy prop, and to enhance the entertainment the...
Educated Duck
Artikelnummer: 2222
This gem of an idea now lies buried on page 76 of Edwin's Magic Vol 2. since Edwin (Hooper) and his Supreme Magic Co. are no more It has all the ingredients of the best of Magic effects, - it is...
Edwin's Everyone Wins!
Artikelnummer: 2389
A simple standard egg bag made from a red felt fabric. Instructions and fake egg included.
Egg Bag, standard
Artikelnummer: 1257
From the fertile mind of Ian Adair, prolific creator and author of some 240+ magic books, comes this gem of a "Just Chance" effect, suitable for most audiences, and all performing conditions.
Egg Nest, Adair
Artikelnummer: 1063
You receive three feather flower products: Wilting Flower, Blooming Flower and Sleeve Bouquet plus two great routines from Gay Ljungberg's Family Fun Acts: You show a flower stem, the flower is...
Funny Flowers
Artikelnummer: 1032
The performer shows two cut out rabbits, one white and one black. They are covered with two covers, the white rabbit going into the cover with a white hat, and the black rabbit into the cover with a...
Hippity Hop Rabbits
Artikelnummer: 2393
"The classic Hot Rod effect, with emoticons familiar to the younger generation ! There are six different ""Smiley"" in six different colors on both sides of this paddle.
Hot Smiley Paddle
Artikelnummer: 1033
An excellent animated prop for family shows, this is a large (450 mm high, 400 mm wide) cut out clown. He holds a hat in one hand, a balloon is placed in the other.
Howzzat the Clown
Artikelnummer: 2392
This uses two paddles, (and requires you to handle both for the paddle move, one in each hand). It starts with a frog on both sides of both paddles. Then one of the frogs jumps to the other paddle,...
Jumping Frog Paddle
Artikelnummer: 2909
The children start clapping their hands and the “mercury” of the Klapp-O-Meter rises. When the sound of the applause decreases, so does the “mercury”. When the clapping reaches its climax, the...
Artikelnummer: 1590
The Long Glove is a great fun item for comedy magicians, Kid Show performers, clown acts, M.C. bits, or a touch of unexpected humour on any occasion. The suave performer walks on, formally dressed,...
Long Glove, coloured
Artikelnummer: 1112
The Long Glove is a great fun item for comedy magicians, Kid Show performers, clown acts, M.C. bits, or a touch of unexpected humour on any occasion. The suave performer walks on, formally dressed,...
Long Glove, white
Artikelnummer: 1041
This effect, known as "Water from India" is a funny running gag. You display a large aluminium vase and empty it to the last drop of water. A moment later you can pour water again ... and again ...
Lota Bowl, slim neck
Artikelnummer: 1094
One of the finest tricks in magic. A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictures appear in the book, outlined in black.
Magic Col Book
Artikelnummer: 1042
This is not a stand alone magic effect, but a prop you can use in conjunction with many other colouring effects to enhance the routine. The apparatus comprises of what appears to be a regular artist...
Magic Palette
Artikelnummer: 1604
The magician displays an empty Black can with White spots, and two silks - one Black, and one White. This is a White silk dyed Black, and this is a Black silk dyed White he says, and this is my...
Metamorpho Spots
Artikelnummer: 1295
The props you get in this outfit comprise of two net tubes, two parasols or umbrellas, (one normal, one mutilated), a parasol cover, matching silks and ribbons, and a variety of very colorful and...
Mismade Parasol Plus
Artikelnummer: 1611
3 ropes from a bar, a toy monkey is hanging from the left rope. When placed behind performers back the monkey jumps to the right rope, then to the left again. When the kids suggest that the monkey...
Monkey Bar
Artikelnummer: 1272
Kids love monsters! This book has special cute monster pictures, that will appeal to the kids, but not frighten them. The Magic Monsters Coloring Book is shown to have all blank pages.
Monster Col Book
Artikelnummer: 1629
A Paper Hat Tear, where two differently colored tissue papers are torn into pieces which are restored and transformed into a Bonnet Hat. The torn pieces are not palmed off (they have a second life...
Paper Hat Tear
Artikelnummer: 1059
A Paper Hat Tear, where one white and one red tissue paper are torn into pieces which are restored and transformed into a Santa Hat with beard. Improved quality. 12 sets.
Paper Hat Tear, Santa
Artikelnummer: 1298
This is a cut-out of Jumbo, the famous African elephant of P.T. Barnum's Greatest Show on Earth. And obviously, like all elephants, he uses jumbo cards for his card games!
Performing Pachyderm
Artikelnummer: 2394
Every magician is supposed to produce a rabbit from a Hat, and nothing could be simpler than this. Performer shows a paddle with the picture of a hat on both sides.
Rabbit & Hat Paddle
Artikelnummer: 1650
Rabbit in Hat Puppet
Artikelnummer: 1299
An audience expects every magician worth his name to produce a Rabbit, and if he is true to tradition, the rabbit must magically materialize from his empty Top Hat !
Rabbit Puppet
Artikelnummer: 1255
Created by Harry Leat, Run Rabbit Run is a classic children's effect, and several models have appeared over the years, with various animation features. It is a mechanical effect, where a Rabbit...
Run Rabbit Run
Artikelnummer: 1060
Rising Magic Wand is a familiar effect to many magicians. Silver Scepter is an improved version of the same effect and the creation of George Blake, and comes with a wonderful routine by the creator.
Silver Sceptre
Artikelnummer: 2480
These foam bananas will leave your audience roaring with laughter! Turn one banana to two bananas. A great finish for any sponge prop act, the foam banana is definitely a crowd-pleaser.
Sponge Bananas
Artikelnummer: 3317
These sponge bananas just look so funny, they will leave your audience roar with laughter! They are a perfect ending to any sponge routine!For example, you can change a yellow silk into a sponge...
Sponge Bananas, large
Artikelnummer: 1019
The performer displays an empty double compartment box, with doors on front and top of box, and a solid die.The die is placed in one compartment, and the audience asked to remember where it is.
Sucker Die Box
Artikelnummer: 2436
This is a deluxe model of the classic Sucker Die Box, with all the usual sucker features, handsomely crafted in wood with inlay and trimmings for an antique finish, to give you a collector quality...
Sucker Die Box, Antique
Artikelnummer: 1016
All the crayons vanish from a box full of crayons, and the colors appear in a coloring book, or a silk, or black and white line drawing. This is an excellent magic touch to use with any magic...
Vanishing Crayons
Artikelnummer: 1792
This is a toy flute, which you use like you would your magic wand. Instead of waving your wand, blow a few notes through the flute to make your magic happen. For the finish, the flute vanishes in...
Vanishing Toy Flute

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Jet Cigarette
Jet Cigarette
You put this gimmick in an ordinary pack of cigarettes and just by squeezing the pack you make a cigarette fly half a yard up in the air! It looks nice when you catch it coming down!
Himber Wallet, locking
Himber Wallet, locking
This HIMBER WALLET is made from thin and soft calf leather. The surface is brushed to get a soft nice feeling when you handle the wallet. The size is 16 x 10,5 cm (6 3/8 x 4 inches).
Hydrostatic Glass
Hydrostatic Glass
You fill up a glass with water, cover it with a piece of paper, turn the whole thing upside down, let go with your hand and the paper and the water stays! Thats physics!
Malini Egg Bag, black + dvd
Malini Egg Bag, black + dvd
One of the strongest routines in magic! Max Malini revolutionised the Egg Bag, which was described alreday in the 16th century, by scaling it down to a tiny, silky black bag.
Palming Coins Houdini (12)
Palming Coins Houdini (12)
If you want to perform close up Coin Magic, or stage coin effects like the Miser's Dream, you will find these coins great value. Specially made, with the picture of the famous Harry Houdini on one...
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