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Multipl Pocket Watches

The apparatus supplied comprises of a set of six Stainless Steel (simulated) pocket watches, that can be used for production or a multiplication effect. The set of Watches nest and lock, permitting you to handle the set as a single watch, and easily produce (or multiply) the other watches one at a time. As a production item, every performer will have his individual preference for performing this. You could produce a watch from any production prop, display it as a single watch, then multiply it one at a time to six watches. Or you could produce the first watch apparently from thin air, and then cause the watches to multiply, displaying them between your fingers as in the multiplying ball effect. You could place the watches upright against a prop, or hang them on an improvised stand, comprising of a piece of wood or board, with six nails spaced out to hang the watches on. Designed from an old Thayer era prop in stainless steel, this will appeal to both collectors and performers. Very good value.


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