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1%, Yu Ho Jin DVD


  • Back Palm Single Production & Pivot Sequence
  • Cardini Production & Fan Production Sequence
  • Ten Kai Spin Production
  • Perfect Production (by index finger)
  • Longitudinal (Vertical) Perfect Production, Japanese Perfect Production
  • Packet Appearing & Vanish Sequence
  • Twirling Production
  • Dual Fan from Interlock



  • Pastel Sequence
  • Yu Ho Jin Clean Card Vanish
  • Hatta Grip Fan Production & Vanish Sequence
  • Yu Ho Jin Multiple Colour Change Sequence
  • Blackpool Backpalm Colour Change
  • Drop Vanish
  • Flash Card Roll Down
  • Mitosis Card Roll Down
  • The Eraser
  • Four Cards Sequence



  • Yu Ho Jin Colour Fan Production
  • Yu Ho Jin Card Roll Down Sequence
  • PYS Rainbow Fan Colour Change Sequence
  • Single Card to Rainbow Fan
  • Into the Blank
  • Yu Ho Jin Diminishing Card
  • Yu Ho Jin Impossible Fan Production
  • Vaporizing Pips



  • Yu Ho Jin's Workshop (30 minutes)


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