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This prop was inspired by Ed Mellon's Quantimental Stand. The original effect used different colored balls, placed on a stand. Four spectators each secretly selected a ball, and placed it in their pocket. The performer could divine which spectator had selected which ball.

While this prop uses the same basic modus-operandi as the original Quantimental stand, it greatly enhances the scope of the effect. You can use this with eight spectators, who can select playing cards, design cards, number cards etc.

You could use this outfit with a single spectator, and 8 number cards, asking him or her to pick up the cards in order to form an imaginary telephone number, such as 8124-5673. You could then reveal the selected number.

The ideal effect with this model, which apparently doubles the probabilities against a random guess is to use four cards and four envelopes. The four cards could have different colored spots on them, (or numbers or designs or whatever you choose). The envelopes could be numbered (1-2-3-4) or have colored spots, or designs, so each envelope can be uniquely identified. In this presentation each of the four spectators selects any card, then any envelope, and places the card in the envelope, which is placed in his pocket. In spite of the astronomical odds, the performer can correctly divine which spectator selected which card, and placed it in which envelope.

We supply you the special Card-I-Mental stand and some accessories like blank cards, pay envelopes, and printed cards & envelopes so that you can use this for the presentation(s) that best meet your preference. No electronics, no magnets, no stooges, no forces. Requires a little "handling practice" and presentation, and youhave a miracle in your act.


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