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Pea Can deLuxe

The performer displays a small can with a cork, and a few different beans or peas. A selected Pea is placed in the can, which is corked. Performer claims he will attempt to make the Pea "change color". The Cork is removed, and the contents of the can tipped into the spectator's hand. The Pea has transformed into a little clear liquid ... "there's the PEE".Risqué, but not offensive, - this has been a favorite effect with magicians over many decades.

The clever apparatus can also be used for many other applications besides the popular PEA - PEE gag, as described in the instructions. You can use this apparatus for a Salt Pour effect, or a billet switch, or a question answer routine, and more.

We supply the special aluminum can (gimmicked), anodized in gold, and engraved with a decorative silver design , a cork, and an assortment of beans and peas, with instructions. A quality close-up prop.


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