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Snowstorm, star shaped

The performer displays a strip of white tissue paper. This is torn into small pieces which are dipped into a glass of water, then squeezed into a wad. Taking a fan, the performer briskly fans the wad of paper, as if to dry it. A few pieces of dry paper flies out of the hand. As he fans more briskly, more and more paper flakes flies out, till thousands of flakes seem to fill the auditorium like a snow storm. Snow Storm In China (sometimes referred to as Winter Time In China) is one of the ancient classic effects, with a climax that is highly appealing, and bound to draw applause from any type of audience. The effect is made possible by the use of specially made Snow Storm Tablets, a compact bundle of thousands of paper flakes which can be easily palmed and handled. We supply you ten of these Snow Storm Tablets (each tablet can be used for a single performance) with the strips of tissue paper, and full working instructions for this effect. In addition you will require an ordinary glass of water, a folding hand fan which can be as ordinary or fancy as you like and a couple of handling trials to perform this enchanting ancient mystery. An excellent stage effect! The regular packet contains squares of tissue paper. This alternative packet contains snow flakes shaped like stars.


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