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"Mind over matter" makes for an extremely interesting and intriguing phenomenon, as performers like Uri Geller have very ably demonstrated. Moving an isolated inanimate object by the powers of your mind is a typical demonstration in this category. The Telekinetic Block appears like just an ordinary block of wood, which can be examined by the audience. It can be made to topple over "by the powers of the mind", defying the common concepts of gravity, and balance. The block can be rested on the middle on a pedestal, or projecting half way out over a table, and topples. Two blocks can be tilted against each other, and made to fall by your telekinetic powers. Or you could rest several blocks in a row, against a support, and have them all topple over one by one by the "collective telekinetic powers of your entire audience". The apparatus we supply looks just like a block of wood, some 2" square and 8" long. It is cleverly gimmicked to produce some amazing "telekinetic" demonstrations.


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