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Utility Servante

The Servante is a useful accessory for magicians, like the Thumb Tip, Pull, or Invisible Thread. It is used for secret "loads", an exchange or disposing off something secretly. The Utility Servante supplied by us is a convenient size, which will take objects about the size of a glass tumbler. The opening of the bag is adjustable. It can be attached to the back of a chair, table, or behind some stage props in seconds with one or two Drawing pins. It has a special clip perfect for the secret exchange of a deck of cards.Used with a little thought and discretion The Utility Servante will enable you to perform many of your routines making possible a cleaner and more natural handling for secret loads, an exchange or disposing off something secretly. It comes with illustrated instructions. Recommended.


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If it can be set behind at any chair? need any other thing to help it to do that?
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