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Rabbit Puppet

An audience expects every magician worth his name to produce a Rabbit, and if he is true to tradition, the rabbit must magically materialize from his empty Top Hat ! Caring for and feeding a real rabbit, circumventing the laws for using animals in a performance, transporting a pet by rail or plane make this a little problematic at times, so we offer this realistic life size puppet rabbit as an acceptable substitute. Being made of Synthetic Fur, there is absolutely no cruelty involved in its production, or when you decide to leave it squeezed up in your production prop for long periods. Unlike glove puppets, this appears as a full rabbit, with all four legs, and a tail, the sort your audience expects you to produce. Yet it can be animated like a puppet, and imparted a life and character of it's own, (like a Vent's Dummy), to help you with your tricks, or even steal the show as a star in it's own right! The Rabbit Puppet we supply fills a vital need of most magicians, at an amazingly low cost. With a little acting ability you can use it as a living partner. Use this rabbit as detailed in the detailed manuscript that accompanies each puppet, with many idea for use, as a simple magic production, or a partner in your act. Highly recommended as a good investment for any magician, and priceless for kid show performers.


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