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Mini Spread Big Surprise

This is a card effect, different from all others you have ever seen.

You show a mini size deck and ask a spectator to cut the deck and select a card.
Pick up the deck and spread it face down on the table. NOW THE COMPLETE SPREAD HAS SHRUNK TO HALF THE SIZE!!
The spread consists of real cards. Every card is in a row seperated from each other.

If not the size change has impressed your audience the following definitely will: Ask the spectator to look at his card. Let´s say it´s the six of diamonds. Not only the size has now changed, but all the cards in the spread have changed to the selected card!!!
Then take the selected card and tip the spread over. IT CHANGES INSTANTLY TO A LONG CARD - THE SIX OF DIAMONDS!!!

This surprise finish will shock both laymen and magicians. Comes complete with illustrated instructions.


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