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Cocktail Card, El Duco's

This is perfect for tablehopping or a cocktail party. Present ”the world’s smallest deck of cards”. Let a spectator select one card, remember it and put it back in the deck.
Everything will be so fuuny because of the small size of the deck. Ask her to shuffle the deck which is nearly impossuble the normal way.

”I think its easier you drop the deck into the glass and shake it”, you say. She does so. Now you show a small cloth peg (also used to mark the cocktail glasses at parties) and drop it into the glass. You cover the opening with your hand and shake the glass a couple of more times.

The audience can see that the peg is clipped to ONE CARD.
Pour out the cards on the table and let the spectator pick up the peg with the clipped card. IT IS THE SAME CARD AS THE SPECTATOR SELECTED A MOMENT BEFORE !!!
Let them examine everything. It can be a different card every time.
A different and entertaining effect which is easy to perform.
Comes with the plastic coated special deck (25 x 35 mm) 1” x 11/2”, party peg and instructions.




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