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Silk Tunnel, El Duco

This is a beautiful effect for both parlour and close-up. You introduce a ”tunnel” or small cabinet, wide open on both sides so you can see right through it. It’s empty. It has a small hole on each end and looks like a miniature Silk Cabby, but there is more to it than that!
A spectator chooses two cards from a deck. Let’s assume the Queen of Hearts and Five of Spades. These cards are now used as ”doors” to close the cabinet or tunnel with cards facing inside as seen in the image.

You show the spectators two BLANK CARD silks. You push the silks through the holes at the ends of the cabinet as a demonstration. Of course they come out at the other end as blank as they were before.
After this first demonstration you now push one BLANK CARD silk at a time through the cabinet with a wand -- and the magic happens:


But wait: You remove the cards from the openings.THE CARDS ARE NOW BLANK AND THE CABINET IS EMPTY!!

El Duco’s SILK-TUNNEL is a beautiful prop made in the high quality you can expect from us. SILK-TUNNEL is very easy to do. The cabinet is made from metal and wood and black with red base. The size is 4 x 2,5 x 1,5 inches. You also get all the card silks and cards you need.


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