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Wedding Bell

You borrow a wedding ring from a spectator. You then introduce an elegant ring box and place the borrowed ring in the box. The lid is closed and you place the box in the spectators hand. Next you present a beautiful, shining Wedding Bell in brass. The spectator is told to try the bell. It has a wonderful sound.
In some countries the priest is ringing The Wedding Bell three times during the ceremony. The third time the groom is supposed to open the box and give the ring to his bride. Please, will you ring the bell three times? During the third ringing you open the box, only to find that the wedding ring has vanished! You ask the spectator to look inside The Wedding Bell. THERE IS THE SPECTATORS RING! As a matter of fact THE CLAPPER THAT MADE THE BEAUTIFUL SOUND TURNS OUT TO BE THE RING!! Comes with everything you need: The Wedding Bell, the ring box and instructions.




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