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Your Lucky Number

From a wallet, you take out a piece of cross-ruled paper. Have a spectator to assist you. Ask for the spectator's birth date. Year, month and day. Write this in one of the squares.

Ask for a few seconds time for consideration and fill in the squares with numbers. Hand over the paper to the spectator. Ask him to add up his birth date. Which means, that he adds the year, month and day. Let's say the total will be 78. This is his "LUCKY NUMBER". Put this in the special square on the paper.
Ask the spectator, with help of a matrix, to adds up 4 figures at a time in the square. He can do this, diagonally, vertical, horizontally and four in a square. ALL combinations give the same result: 78! HIS LUCKY NUMBER!

If the above was amazing, the following will shock him! From the wallet, which has been in full view all the time, you take out a sealed envelope, open it and ask the spectator to take out the card. On the card he reads: "YOUR LUCKY NUMBER IS 78!"

Diffrent result every time! Comes complete with matrix, special wallet, papers and instructions.




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