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Watch Box, dL

The Miniature Ring Chest is a miniature chest with a lock, which permits you to introduce any small item secretly into the locked chest in an instant. You can produce from it a borrowed bill, finger ring, coin, tie clip, or any similar object which will fit into the box. This model of the classic Lippincott Box is made from exotic hard woods, inlaid with brass, and designed just like a miniature chest, to give you an intriguing and attractive "collector quality" prop.

Here is a sample effect with this prop. A ring is borrowed from a spectator, placed under a handkerchief, which is then given to the spectator to hold. The performer now introduces a Locked Miniature Chest, and the keys for this, which are given over to another spectator to hold. The performer approaches the spectator holding the ring, and whips away the handkerchief. The ring has vanished. He does not approach the chest. He asks the spectator holding it to open it and remove the contents. The spectator finds the borrowed ring in the chest, which the owner can positively identify as his or hers.

Supplied the deluxe handcrafted "miniature chest", lock, keys, and instructions for presentation. You will really like this prop, - we love it !


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