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No Chance Dice

A set of 3 special dice. Use it to force a number by elimination. Routines included for 'Burnt Borrowed Banknote' or 'Bank Nite' and 'Game Show'.


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No chance dice

Hi, The 3 dice are identical. Together they force one number by ellimination. Is it possible to buy few sets with missing a different number or are all sets the same... :-)
Answer from the shop:
Sorry, no. All dice force the same number.

All the same?

Are the 3 dice all the same (same forcing number)? Do you have also a similar ungimmicked dice which you can give to the spectator for examination?
Answer from the shop:
The 3 dice are identical. Together they force one number by ellimination. There is no ungimmicked die. (Because there is no need for one).

no chanc e dice

is each dice a no chance ie does each dice have a number missing i want to perform with 6 cups Pete
Answer from the shop:
Each one is a special die. You force no. 2.

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