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Time is Money, DVD

Revolutionary Bill Magic With Extreme Visuals.

In this DVD, 3 Incredible Effects are explained:

  • Time to Change - (No gimmicks are used) - A Visual Bill Change that you can hand out to the audience immediately.
  • Bounty - The Ultimate Bill Restoration that anyone can easily perform
  • Take Back - A Miraculous transposition routine in the spactator's hands

Comes with a special gimmick, Explanation DVD in English, and sample-gimmick (in US Bill) that you can customize with your country's money easily. Any currency can be used.

CV Seol-Ha Park:

2012 KOREA BIMF Close-Up Competition Champion

2012 JAPAN UGM Close-Up Competition Champion

2012 UK International Close-Up Competition in LONDON 2 Prize Winner



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