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Card Sword dL

The Card Sword is one of the most dramatic and effective stage items you can perform with a pack of cards. The performer displays a pack of cards. Three cards are selected by members of the audience, and shuffled back into the pack. The pack is held by a spectator. Performer displays a large sword. Spectator is asked to toss the cards at the sword. As the cards cascade down, the performer plunges the sword into the shower of cards. The audience see three cards impaled on the sword. And needless to say these are the same cards selected by the audience.
The Card Sword we supply is designed after the classic prop, some 34" long, and 4" x 3" at the hilt. The sword is completely constructed from brass, chromium plated in a gleaming silver finish. The trick is mechanical in working but some handling practice is required to present this effectively.
The selected cards have to be forced, as the cards that appear on the sword are not the originals, but duplicates. You will destroy three cards with each performance, but this is a negligible price to pay for such a dramatic effect. It is an effect which has been used by some of the greatest names in magic, - well presented the impact on the audience can equal that of a much larger and more expensive illusion.
This is a deluxe model of the item, complete and ready to work with instructions. It will compare with the best models available anywhere, at a price that will be a pleasant surprise.


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