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Karate Kards, Bicycle

Effect : A card is selected from a deck and placed face up on top of the deck.

It is now covered by another card with two holes that permit the audience to see the index pips of the card beneath.

The performer now "chops" the card with a Karate Chop, then slides the top half of the card with the covering hole card to the left.

The selected card is seen to be chopped in half, with the two halves clearly separated.

The top half is again slid back, and the card "restored".

The card with the hole and the selected card are handed our for examination - with no clue to the mystery.

An amazing illusion, and completely off the beaten track as a card trick. We supply you two special cards, made from original Bicycle cards that make this effect possible. You will need to use them with your own Red Back Bicycle deck (Poker size) to perform the effect. We do not supply Bicycle Decks.


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