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Ladies & Gentlemen

Ladies & Gentlemen by Gentleman Jack. This is the true story, told by you and illustrated with playing cards with toilet symbols printed on them, about the man who went to a foreign country and in an exclusive restaurant found that he had to go to the toilet. But he didn’t now the foreign word for GENTLEMEN and LADIES. So he asked the waiter who told him to go down three stairs and there he would find three doors with the international symbol for GENTLEMEN. He went down the stairs and found three doors but they had the international symbol for LADIES on them. So he went up again…
Yes your routine has the poor man run up and down the stairs and he never finds the men’s room. And finally it is too late….

The story is illustrated with playing cards with toilet symbols. The cards are printed on Anglo Poker Edition09 cards with white on red back design. You can of course use the cards in any other routine were a male or/and a female symbol would come in handy. English instructions.


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