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Gypsy Photo Frame

The Gypsy picture frame is a flat folder type picture frame. And in the simple act of closing and opening the frame, it can change one or both of the pictures inside. It can even change the same picture several times through a series of changes. It's uses are many, as a "time machine" - (change pictures of people or places to the past or future), as a frame that reveals additional dimensions (see the ghosts or UFOs around haunted places), or as a touch of magic (a selection in a crystal ball) - you'll have to look carefully to spot the selcted card in the crystal ball in the illustration !

Very easy to use, this accepts pictures of a size upto 127 mm wide and 177 mm tall, making it suitable for larger audiences. It comes with an 8 page manuscript of ideas for presentation, and half a dozen "changing pictures" to enable you to put it into your act immediately. You can easily design any picture to suit your specific requirements.

Highly recommended.


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