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Flourishes, dvd

Flourishes with 16 year old Seth Engström is the first in a series of DVD Lectures produced by . Seth Engström displays and teaches 16 different flourishes. A flourish is a technical "show-off", which clearly tells the spectators that the magician is a sleight of hand artist. A card effect ought to be performed without the spectators being aware that any method is used. If you add a few flourishes between the card tricks you give the spectators the idea that this performer can do "anything" because he is a skillfull sleight of hand artist, he wouldn't use mathematical principles or gaffed cards. Seth Engström teaches you the following flourishes: 3 Packet Cut, Butterfly Cut, Kosy Cut, Variation no. 1 on Sybil, Niagara False (variation on Sybil), 4 Way Cut, Around the World, Milk Shaker, Lift Over, Pop Corn Production, Fluider False, Turn Over Cut, Special One Handed Cut, One Handed Shuffle, One Handed Over Hand Shuffle, Z Cut. Language: English.


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