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Artikelnummer: 3341
Refill Elastic Thread for Tango Coins (1 Meter)
Artikelnummer: 3481
Two coins are shown, one is a Swedish 5 SEK brass coin and the other is a copper 2 SEK, both in the palm of the left hand. You withdraw the brass coin and it is placed in the pocket, when you open...
Artikelnummer: 1061
The performer displays six Fifty Dollar bills, - saying this is what he got paid for his last show. His wife believes in fifty-fifty, half of everything he has is hers!
6 Bill Repeat
Artikelnummer: 2431
As the name suggests it is yet another coin box to add to the several varieties already on the market. But that's not all. This special precision box machined from solid brass is designed to serve...
Another Coin Box
Artikelnummer: 1153
Bite Out Coin, made by Tango from a new Swedish 5 SEK coin.
Bite Out Coin
Artikelnummer: 2709
A round box, which holds 4 coins. Set the box on the back of your hand. Lift the lid, and the audience can see the coins fill the box. Cover the box, tap it, and the coins instantly pass through the...
Boston Box, wood
Artikelnummer: 2710
Coins, Keys, Bills, Paper Slips, Tokens, and similar small items can be produced or vanished from a packet of folded papers, or items placed in the packet of folded papers can be changed to other...
Buddha Paper Mystery
Artikelnummer: 2605
A Half Dollar is shown in your open hand and changes into a Chinese brass coin. A very quick, simple and visual coin trick. The Half has completely vanished! Hand out the Chinese coin for close...
China Change
Artikelnummer: 2815
Set og 6 strangely shaped replicas of antique Chines coins.
Chinese Antique Coins,  set
Artikelnummer: 2698
Cigarette thru Coin made from a Swedish 5 SEK coin (new 2016) by Tango Magic. You borrow a 5 SEK coin and push a cigarette, pencil or drinking straw through its center. Coin can be shown both sides.
Cigarette thru 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 3495
A premium close-up pad that differs from other existing card pads.Luxurious DesignJL Magic created this luxurious design for this card pad that is sure to stand out among other card pads.
Close Up Mat, large Super de Luxe
Artikelnummer: 2290
"Borrow a coin and it magically bends at your fingertips!With the SL Coin Bending Tool, you have the power to do many amazing effects. A spectator can hold a normal coin in his or her hand, and with...
Coin Bender Tool
Artikelnummer: 1449
With this mechanical holder pinned under your coat you can any time during your act secretly steal and produce about a dozen coins (in one big load). Holds any size coin.
Coin Dumper
Artikelnummer: 2732
The Coin Production Hank is the original creation of Magician Goutam Guha and has been marketed for over twenty years. The original model comprised of two cotton handkerchiefs stitched together in a...
Coin Hank Plus+
Artikelnummer: 1780
Coin Safe, wood
Artikelnummer: 1450
With this mechanical holder pinned under your coat you can steal and produce a couple of coins (one at a time). 50 US cents size.
Coin Slide Dropper
Artikelnummer: 3482
Double sided coin with a brass 5 SEK coin on one side and a copper 2 SEK coin on the other.
Manufactured for us by Tango Magic.
Copper Silver Coin -  5kr/2kr
Artikelnummer: 1386
This is a little pull that helps you vanish a coin. Borrow a coin and let it vanish in your hand!
Crocodile Coin Vanisher
Artikelnummer: 3217
Poker chip style coins for the serious coin magician. Expertly designed and produced in copper, this soft metal is perfect for coin magic. These coins have low 'talk' noise and the milled edges...
Dollar Size Coin (Mechanics)
Artikelnummer: 2221
These are a well made pair of nesting Chests. They enable you to secretly introduce an item into the inner locked chest, making possible some very strong magic. This is a sample effect with this prop.
Double Locked Chest
Artikelnummer: 3097
Double sided Swedish 5 SEK coin (new 216) made for us by Tango Magic. Both sides are the back sides of the coin (see image).
Double Sided 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 2816
Dynamic Coins, 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 2231
"The performer displays six empty wallets. A Borrowed Bill is placed in one of the wallets. When the Wallet with the Bill is rubbed against the other five wallets in turn, bills appear one at a time...
Easy Money
Artikelnummer: 2222
This gem of an idea now lies buried on page 76 of Edwin's Magic Vol 2. since Edwin (Hooper) and his Supreme Magic Co. are no more It has all the ingredients of the best of Magic effects, - it is...
Edwin's Everyone Wins!
Artikelnummer: 2588
A new breed of expanded shell! Because these shells are not machined from actual coins, an image of the eagle is visible on BOTH sides of the shell. Yes, you can actually flash the inside of the...
Expanded Half Dollar Shell
Artikelnummer: 2696
Expanded Shell Coin, made from a Swedish 5 SEK coin (2016) by Tango Magic in Argentina.
Expanded Shell 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 3485
Three coins travel between your hands. A borrow coin goes from your hand to your pocket. These and all the expanded shell routines could be improve with this new gimmick.
Expanded Slippery Shell - 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 2259
25 Flash Bank Notes - 500 SEK (Swedish Currency). Printed only on one side and smaller in size to comply with Swedish law. Fold it twice and it looks just like a genuine banknote folded three times.
Flash 500 kr
Artikelnummer: 2084
This booklet teaches one of the most astonishing, startling, visual tricks in all of magic. Imagine this: Borrow a dollar bill. Crumple it into a loose ball. Set it on your open palm.
Floating Bill
Artikelnummer: 3094
Foldin Coin, made by Tango Magic, from a Swedish 5 SEK coin (new 2016). Three cuts. Internal system.
Folding Coin 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 3486
The magician shows four 5 SEK coins in his hand. He takes a coin and puts it in his pocket. He shows the hand and has four coins again. He takes a coin once again and puts it in his pocket, but he...
Four in One Coin Set - 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 1140
Jumbo US 50 cents. 75 mm diameter
Jumbo Coin, 50 cents
Artikelnummer: 1865
The Kellar Coin Catcher is an ingenious device allowing you to produce coins one at a time apparently from the air. The gimmick we supply is made of brass, and will give you years of trouble free...
Kellar Coin Catcher
Artikelnummer: 1578
Performer shows a knife and a currency bill or note which may be borrowed. A piece of paper, the same size as the bill is folded in half, and the knife pushed through the middle.
Knife thru Bill
Artikelnummer: 1893
Leather Coin Purse, sm
Artikelnummer: 3484
Locking Coin Set made by Tango Magic, consisting of 13 SEK: two 5 SEK Coins, one 2 SEK Coin and one I SEK coin. Put them all in your hand, take out one 5 SEK coin and ask the spectators how much is...
Locking Coins - 13 SEK
Artikelnummer: 2322
These are specially made Magicians coins. The coins look like regular coins, but have a magical motif, and the legend "Coin for Magician". The set contains three coins: Copper, Silver and Gold.
Magicians Coin Set (3)
Artikelnummer: 3483
Swedish 5 SEK coin (new 2016) with a magnetic core.
Magnetic Coin - 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 2067
The glass where a coin dropped in the glass can be secretly and instantly extracted is an old and standard magic prop. This is an opaque stainless steel version of the prop, (unbreakable, and...
Misers Dream Cup
Artikelnummer: 1198
On this DVD, you'll learn a host of minor miracles that can be performed with everyone's favorite ordinary item - money. Bills and coins grab interest immediately, and can be rustled up at a...
Money dvd
Artikelnummer: 1680
A blank piece of paper is wound between the rollers of the Money Printer and is transformed into a genuine bank note. This can tehn be reprinted to a higher value banknote! Easy to do!
Money Printer
Artikelnummer: 2720
The performer borrows a coin, which can be marked. It is covered by a handkerchief, and given to a spectator to hold. He now removes from his pocket a brass box, which is placed on the table, or...
Nest-O-Boxes, brass
Artikelnummer: 1609
This is a different and clean cut method for performing a paper to money effect. The performer displays five pieces of newspaper cut to the size of American Dollar bills.
Newspaper to Money
Artikelnummer: 1778
A set of 3 special dice. Use it to force a number by elimination. Routines included for 'Burnt Borrowed Banknote' or 'Bank Nite' and 'Game Show'.
No Chance Dice
Artikelnummer: 1050
This is a turned brass box specially made for use with Half Dollar coins. The box by itself is completely innocent, and can be thoroughly examined by the spectators.
Okito Box
Artikelnummer: 2721
This is a turned wooden box specially made for use with Half Dollar coins. The box by itself is completely innocent, and can be thoroughly examined by the spectators.
Okito Box, wood
Artikelnummer: 2204
This classic by Mohammed Bey is one of the best books written on the subject. The author takes you through each routine step by step in easy to understand language.
Okito Coin Box Routines
Artikelnummer: 2906
If you want to perform close up Coin Magic, or stage coin effects like the Miser's Dream, you will find these coins great value. Specially made, with the picture of the famous Harry Houdini on one...
Palming Coins Houdini (12)
Artikelnummer: 1052
You push your pen straight thru a borrowed bank note. You can show the bank note freely from all angles. You then pull the pen right out again and return the unharmed banknote to its owner.
Pen thru Anything
Artikelnummer: 1383
The effect is simple: A pencil penetrates a borrowed bank note. The instructions details a couple of different ways to perform the effect.Comes complete with yellow hexagon pencil and gimmick.
Pencil thru Borrowed Banknote
Artikelnummer: 1188
Purse Frame
Artikelnummer: 1080
The Raven has been called one of the best tricks of the last decade! With it, you can perform visual vanishes like you've never seen. Make coins appear, disappear, shrink or change to a different...
Artikelnummer: 1057
The performer displays a large stage money bill freely on both sides. The Bill is folded in half, and clearly ripped through the middle with a pencil. The two halves of the bill are clearly...
Ripped & Restored Bill
Artikelnummer: 3489
Scotch & Soda set manufactured by Tango Magic from Swedish coins (new 2016). You place two coins, a 5 SEK and a 2 SEK coin in the spectators hand. You take out the 5 SEK, show it from both...
Scotch & Soda - 5 kr, 2 kr
Artikelnummer: 1003
A bank note folds itself automaticly 3 times.. Comes with stage money, but can be applied on any bank note. Credit: Stefan Schützer.
Self Folding Bill
Artikelnummer: 3487
Borrow a Swedish 5 SEK coin (new 2016) from a spectator. Grab it by the edge and strech it. Restore the coin and give it back.
Stretched Coin - 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 2158
A beatiful small wooden chest with two hinged lids, with an opening between. You open one lid and place a borrowed coin inside the chest and vanish the coin. The spectators however are not...
Sucker Coin Box
Artikelnummer: 1855
"The magician has destroyed the borrowed bank note and it is time to pay. He asks: ""Do you accept credit cards?"" He answers no. The magician throws the credit card into the air and then catches it.
Surprising Credit Card
Artikelnummer: 3488
T.U.C (Tango Ultimate Coin) is the result of many years of hard work and professional experience. This gaffed coin allows you to do hundreds of magic effects, it will soon became a classic that will...
T.U.C. 5 kr
Artikelnummer: 3213
Revolutionary Bill Magic With Extreme Visuals. In this DVD, 3 Incredible Effects are explained: Time to Change - (No gimmicks are used) - A Visual Bill Change that you can hand out to the audience...
Time is Money, DVD
Artikelnummer: 2079
A borrowed and marked coin is covered by a handkerchief and dropped into a small glass of water. When the handkerchief is removed, the coin is seen to have vanished completely.
Vanishing Coin
Artikelnummer: 1315
You receive a large (70mm or 3 inches diameter) oriental brass coin, with center hole and decorated with mantra symbols, a very beautiful small cloth bag and a ribbon.
Yoga Coin

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Coin Hank Plus+
Coin Hank Plus+
The Coin Production Hank is the original creation of Magician Goutam Guha and has been marketed for over twenty years. The original model comprised of two cotton handkerchiefs stitched together in a...
A clever gimmick, which enables you to float objects between your hands! Can even be performed impromptu with borrowed objects!E.G. a bottle, a glass, a cup, a ball.
Invisible Deck, Anglo Poker
Invisible Deck, Anglo Poker
This is probably the best Invisible Deck in the World. You cannot see or feel any rough&smooth treatment on the cards. Yet they stick together and separate just like they should.
Tri Colour Nightmare +
Tri Colour Nightmare +
This is my best trick! I invented it in 1984 and has sold many, many hundreds over the years, it is always a hit at magic conventions. I have liking for doing "ungimmicked versions" of...
Anglo Rainbow Deck
Anglo Rainbow Deck
"A sensation!? Probably. There's been a couple of Rainbow Decks around for many years. Usually a deck with 52 different back images, made from the cards of 52 different decks.
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