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Artikelnummer: 1342
Card Guard
Artikelnummer: 3494
Card Guard Multi Tool
Artikelnummer: 1435
An elastic holder to pin under your jacket or attach to your belt. It holds a full deck or a few cards. Use it for switches or to add a few cards to your deck. Combine it with a Topit Vanisher and...
Card Holder
Artikelnummer: 3505
Crystal Card Press, which is made of touch panel materials, can make used cards return to be flat and resilient. It can also extend the life of your cards. It's beautiful and not expansive as a...
Card Press Crystal
Artikelnummer: 3495
A premium close-up pad that differs from other existing card pads.Luxurious DesignJL Magic created this luxurious design for this card pad that is sure to stand out among other card pads.
Close Up Mat, large Super de Luxe
Artikelnummer: 3458
Steel Shims, Neo Magnet Collection, Rubber Dam, Super Stretchy Elastic Thread and more!The Creators Kit is a collection of must-have special materials for the do-it-yourself gimmick maker.
Creators Kit - Paul Harris
Artikelnummer: 1253
Fanning Powder
Artikelnummer: 2914
A spectator selects a card from a deck. The performer says he has a silk with the replica of the selected card on it as a prediction. When he displays the silk it has several cards on it, which...
Flash Card Prediction Silk
Artikelnummer: 1929
American hole punch that cuts a club symbol instead of a round hole.
Hole Punch (club)
Artikelnummer: 1556
American hole punch that cuts a heart symbol instead of a round hole.
Hole Punch (heart)
Artikelnummer: 2045
American hole punsch. Cuts a round hole.
Hole Punch (reg)
Artikelnummer: 3385
Gamblers have spent years on end to find the most flawless method in knowing the identity of an unknown card; however, the perfect way to execute this has now been discovered.
Insight - Tom Elderfield
Artikelnummer: 3252
2 Poker-size Bicycle Rider Back Magnetic Cards per package, one with red and one with blue back.Each magnetic card contains a very powerful, yet extremely thin Neodymium magnet, capable of holding...
Magnetic Cards (2) red + blue
Artikelnummer: 3422
The UK's Matthew Wright has won virtually every award possible in magic, and we're proud of our first collaboration with him, The Marvelous Multiplying Card Box.
Marvellous Multiplying Boxes
Artikelnummer: 3238
OMNI DECK. A signed card repeatedly jumps to the top of the deck. Then the deck is placed into a spectators hand... and it mysteroiusly solidifies into a crystal clear block of acrylic!
Omni Deck
Artikelnummer: 3439
For the "foolproof" and professional preparation of Rough and Smooth Deck. With this worldwide unique set of innovative, by Card-Shark developed utilities for the rough and smooth preparation of...
Phoenix Rough & Smooth DIY
Artikelnummer: 1676
You can touch up or make your own "Rough and Smooth Deck" for a Forcing Deck, BrainWave Deck, Pop Eyed Popper Deck or Invisible Deck with Roughing Fluid. Or treat just two cards with rhe solution...
Roughing Fluid
Artikelnummer: 1677
Roughing Spray
Artikelnummer: 3342
Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker Black
Artikelnummer: 1762

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Coin Hank Plus+
Coin Hank Plus+
The Coin Production Hank is the original creation of Magician Goutam Guha and has been marketed for over twenty years. The original model comprised of two cotton handkerchiefs stitched together in a...
ESP, Anglo
ESP, Anglo
We have produced our own ESP Deck with Anglo backs in white on black design. The cards are the same high quality as Anglo Poker Ed09. An ESP Deck consists of 25 symbol cards, originally designed by...
Coin Dumper
Coin Dumper
With this mechanical holder pinned under your coat you can any time during your act secretly steal and produce about a dozen coins (in one big load). Holds any size coin.
Audience Management
Audience Management
In this book Gay Ljungberg shares his performing experience with the reader and reveals a treasure of valuable secrets about the psychology and the techniques he uses.
Homing Card, Anglo Giant
Homing Card, Anglo Giant
The Homing Card is an entertaining and amazing routine where the playing cards causes trouble for the magician. The nagician states that he will do a brand new trik with four red cards Unfortunately...
E37 - Smart E-handel