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Artikelnummer: 1415
Smaller balloon pump for walkarounds. Can be held in your inside pocket.
Balloon Pump Blaster, pocket
Artikelnummer: 1414
Best ballon pump! Inflates on both the in and out movement. A couple of blows and thw balloon is fully inflated.
Balloon Pump Blaster, regular
Artikelnummer: 1208
Balloon sculpture is a fun, easy and fascinating pastime. And best of all, it's easier than you ever could imagine. Balloon sculptures are wonderful adjuncts to the performances of magicians and...
Balloon Sculpt dvd #1
Artikelnummer: 3377
25 balloons
Balloons for Needle thru Balloon
Artikelnummer: 1264
Beautiful and perfect working mechanical prop. It is a chromed stand holding a balloon and a deck of cards. Spectator selects and signs card, which is returned to the deck, which is mixed and placed...
Card in Balloon
Artikelnummer: 1938
A balloon is inflated inside a decorated tube, which has been shown empty. Spectator is invited to see the balloon through two holes in the tube. A knitting needle (supplied) is then inserted in the...
Spike in Balloon

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Lighter to Matches
Lighter to Matches
A funny gag you can use whenever you want to light a cigarette, a torch, a candle, a Dove Pan, Flash String, Flash Paper or anything. You bring out your lighter but it doesn’t work.
Signed Card to Super Wallet
Signed Card to Super Wallet
We have combined two great El Duco Wallets, to make a Super Wallet. Many of us do both Stand Up Shows and Table Hopping. This wallet is designed to be used under all type of conditions:If you do a...
ESP, Anglo
ESP, Anglo
We have produced our own ESP Deck with Anglo backs in white on black design. The cards are the same high quality as Anglo Poker Ed09. An ESP Deck consists of 25 symbol cards, originally designed by...
E37 - Smart E-handel